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In My Day People Never Died

So it's become pretty popular for famous people to die. It's now the "in" thing to do. The most recent celebrity death is that of George Carlin. Now, most people will remember him as a great, boundary-pushing comedian, but I'll remember him as Mr. Conductor on "Shining Time Station." He was Ringo Starr's replacement for the role. What a cool train station!

I watched the show a great deal in my younger years because it combined two of my favorite things: 1) trains and 2) more trains. Plus the my mom ran a daycare and I ended up helping (at least as much as a child can) take care of little kids for a great deal of my childhood. Also, I kinda had a crush on Didi Conn on the show (she has a weird voice, but I'm a weird guy so I guess it makes sense). Here's an episode from the amazing research tool known as "the YouTube."

Hummmmmmm. What else? Oh. Something completly unrelated. I hate the t.v. shows that come out during the summer. Whi…