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My Courtly Follies

I was in court today. My car was hit awhile back and they finally found the girl who did it. Since she hit the car and then ran I was pretty angry at the time, but finally, finally she would get in trouble, right? Well, no.

The first time I went to court a couple of weeks ago she wasn't there because they had forgot to inform her she was supposed to go. Great! I wasted a bunch of time that day, but whatever. I talked with the witness who actually saw her hit my car in the parking lot and he seemed like a nice guy. They reset the hearing for today and I, again, wasted a bunch of time to go.

When I got there I began feeling really nervous. First of all, the girl, Christina Wilder, was sitting with the witness and they were talking and joking. Then, I didn't notice the police officer there. I was only there to give them my bill from the repair shop. They looked for the officer, but they couldn't find him. So, the judge started the hearing and I got even more nervous.

It turns out the girl lawyered up and was contesting the whole thing. They say they contacted the police to talk to the witnesses, but the police never got back to them, therefore, the case is prejudicial. (But she knew the witness, so they could've interviewed him. I mean, he was sitting next to her!) And so, because the officer wasn't there, the judge dismissed the case.

Oh! The girl had this smug look on her face. This cocky-ass smile because she knew she had beat it. That made me even more angry. I really wanted to do something brash, but I just sat in my chair for a couple more minutes and tried to calm down. As I walked to my car, though, my pent up rage finally came out. You know, I hate people always trying to get out stuff by not taking responsibility for anything. There always seems to be some damn technicality or some conection they can exploit that I don't get access too. Or maybe I do get access to it and I just don't take it. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that sort of thing. I don't even like asking people to be a reference for me for a job. But I digress...

I was in my car on the phone explaining everything to my mom and I was getting louder and louder, cussing and whatnot. Finally, this officer comes over and says that he will arrest me for disturbing the peace if I don't quiet down. And at first I was a jerk to him, but after I calmed down I wanted to explain myself. This guy, I guess, understood where I was coming from after I apologized and he told me to just file a complaint on the officer at the University Police Station.

So, I went to the police station and I had gotten over wanting to make a complaint. Maybe he got sick or something, right? It could happen. I mean, he seemed like a really nice guy the couple of times I talked to him. I don't know why he would leave me out to dry all of a sudden. At the station they told me he was never issued a subpoena. He still should of known though because he's the one who wrote on my original subpoena the time of the new one, but whatever. Oh yeah. They also said that because it was dismissed, the officer may refile the case. Now I have to wait until Saturday at 10 pm to talk to him because that's the next time he works.

And I'm going to be there. I'm tired of people stepping all over me. I don't care if this girl gets a million lawyers. I'm going to make her life hell (within legal boundaries). She doesn't deserve to get away with this! I have insurance, but we still have a deductable. And I don't have much money. Like, at all. Why shouldn't she have to pay for the accident she caused because of her own stupidity?

So laugh now you stupid idiot. I'm not going to stand for this. You're not the only one who can take advantage of the legal system. I watch a lot of Law & Order!

I hate people who cheat! How can I be the one who follows the rules and still have two people hit my a parking lot...when I'm elsewhere? And then they just have to leave...never to get in trouble? It doesn't make sense!


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