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My Courtly Follies

I was in court today. My car was hit awhile back and they finally found the girl who did it. Since she hit the car and then ran I was pretty angry at the time, but finally, finally she would get in trouble, right? Well, no.

The first time I went to court a couple of weeks ago she wasn't there because they had forgot to inform her she was supposed to go. Great! I wasted a bunch of time that day, but whatever. I talked with the witness who actually saw her hit my car in the parking lot and he seemed like a nice guy. They reset the hearing for today and I, again, wasted a bunch of time to go.

When I got there I began feeling really nervous. First of all, the girl, Christina Wilder, was sitting with the witness and they were talking and joking. Then, I didn't notice the police officer there. I was only there to give them my bill from the repair shop. They looked for the officer, but they couldn't find him. So, the judge started the hearing and I got even more nervous.

It turns…