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A Letter (Not The Letter, that cool song by the Box Tops and also Joe Cocker)

Where do I begin? A lot of things have angered me greatly today. First, I don't work at the radio station anymore (the only place I feel at home at school...well, anywhere really). Second, the people who dig the station, like, really care and know it, also did not get the General Manager position.

I'm worried. Will everything change? We're all...well, we're all freaks really. All of us listen to different things and dress differently, kind of strangely. Somehow we all fit together though. It's pretty cool actually.

I mean, I look around everywhere else and it's all sameness. Everyone strives for this ideal, this stereotype of cool. But to me, to us, it's striving to be a douchbag or a asshole. Whatever. We don't fit into this "Bro Culture" that everyone is so into. I don't want to go into describing all the details. If you go to NMSU or live in the area, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, I suggest you look around at th…

There has to be a better place than this, right?

I should probably write about SXSW before I forget everything. Pretty much I spent time watching real cool garage bands play. I don't know a lot about new music, but I just found a band I liked, went early and heard similarly awesome bands.

My favorite band was the Black Hollies. They were all decked out in suits with frilly things and boots (presentation is very important). Basically, they looked like they should have been playing in 1967 England. Most importantly they sounded the part. Their drummer was a madman (Keith Moon style). People were dancing. It was great. I saw them twice and bought some cool stuff.

The second best performance I saw was tied between the Downbeat 5 and Magic Christian. The Downbeat 5 are a three-piece who play real basic rock 'n' roll. After their set I overheard an older gentleman describing it as, "A-B, A-B, Chuck Berry. That's all you need to do." During one of their songs I thought the packed in crowd would riot because of all…