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Man, the Yankees SUCK

The Red Sox are about to start so I'll make this short. Washington, D.C. is a weird place. It was actually hotter than Las Cruces or El Paso on Tuesday, but today it's really cold and foggy. Marble looks cool. I want a house with at least one room full of marble(s) like in the Supreme Court.

I, apparently, look like a person from New York or D.C. Two people told me this. I think that's a pretty good consensus. The thing is I don't like New York and I wouldn't want to live in Washington. The state, yes, the city, no. And just because I look angry on the subway and while walking around the city? C'mon. Most people just look busy, not angry.

I CAN have a good time with a group of people. I used to...wait, first pitch...okay, I used to think I couldn't have a good time with people because I'm too boring and DON'T LIKE PEOPLE. But that's not true. I don't like STUPID people. These types of people are loud and stupid. It magnifies their idiocy an…