Monday, September 24, 2007

Things are GREAT!

The Raiders finally won! And the Aggies don't have a losing record four games into the season! And the Birthday Bash was a success! Everything looks like it's going right for the ole "For Real Deal" (that's me by the way). It sure looks that way.

I think I've really lucked into a couple of things happening. For one, I have a great staff that is, for the most part, very ambitious. They kick ass. And they make me look better than I actually do (though not in pictures, where I look terrible recently). My flag football team (it's not mine) is good, but not because of me. We have added some good players and, though I haven't played horrible, have made up for my lack of talent or athletic ability.

I don't know. I should really be happy about everything that's happened recently. It's all just a distraction though. It just doesn't seem important...except for when I worry and stay up all night (like right now). I think I need to concentrate on school more. That means I'll be at work less (where I usually just hang out by myself) and at my apartment more (where I'll study by myself). Pretty good plan if I don't say so myself but I do (you should read that last sentence as one big run-on). I think I'd have more friends if I didn't hate being in large groups of people. I just get quieter and quieter until I leave. Unless I'm at a sporting event. But then I'm not "having fun," I'm sort of mad the whole time. And when the game's over my stomach usually hurts because my abs have been clenched the whole time.

By this time next year I should be in some other place doing some other thing. I'll put money on me not liking it. It's a special talent I have. But, after I leave and no longer have to pay for school (debt notwithstanding) and live by myself for the first time, I'll be able to get a phonograph and start a REAL record collection. That would be pretty cool. I'll throw all my effort into that, I think.

I kept hearing about his cat, Nick Drake. I decided to check his stuff out and it's really good. There's too much to listen to. I'm trying to learn so much about so many artists and styles. I can't be an expert in everything and it's KILLING me! And John Cale's version of "Heartbreak Hotel" is amazing! It's on my player thing on my page.