Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I Should Eat a Pony

I'm so happy now! I was finally able to run three miles without stopping! That may not sound like that impressive, but my knees have been hurting and keeping me from getting past 2.5 miles (not to mention being badly out of shape). I also run on the outside track, so it's more than tree miles (yeah, that's right tree miles, they're longer than normal miles). Running helps me clear my mind. Too many stupid things running through it (but I'm faster, damnit, stupid complicated situations).

And flag football starts next week. We actually look like we have a good team!

And I'm listening to a great song right now. "How Can Love Hurt So Much" by The Knack. It's beautiful. "There Goes My Gun" by Pixies is pretty damn good too (Media Player is on shuffle, at the radio station at one in the morning I can sing as loud as I want).

The Brothers Soloman comes out this week (with Will Arnet and Will Forte). Come on. Who wants to go see that too?