Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Apathy and Selfishness

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Apathy is the worst disease. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. We're all so cool that we can't care about anything. Caring would expose us to how weak we actually are.

I say this because of something I heard from a student in a government class. He said his professor bestowed upon voting the classification of insignificant, saying the only reason we vote is to "feel good about ourselves." What a bunch of crap! This is the reason no one votes. "It doesn't matter," we tell ourselves, "What's the point?"

But there is a point. If everyone voted it would count. We let everyone decide everything for us. Stupid people. People who shouldn't given power at all. And we let them. These people are easily frightened by the crap politician spew all the time. God this. God that. Using God as their own personal meal ticket to political office. It's like doublespeak, you know? God is supposed to be loving and forgiving and the politicians say that's what they believe in too, and then turn around and state position as far away from loving it is almost comical (which is probably why the Daily Show and Colbert Report are so popular, they expose the comedy in the stupidity).

So everyone gets apathetic and gives up, thinking this is the way it always has to be. IT ISN'T! DAMNIT! Our generation gives up too easy. This goes for everything. We're just too selfish. We want to feel good, feel important. That's the reason why we're so apathetic. Nobody wants to be the one guy at a sporting event yelling all alone whilst the rest of the crowd looks on at this psycho (you shouldn't stare, it makes me feel uncomfortable). We HAVE to fit in and keep our pride; yet, we still want to be individuals. It's strange the way we brand ourselves.

We listen to crappy music because KLAQ and Power 102 tells us to. Then they call it "alternative" or "gangsta" and we buy it. It's still mainstream, homogenized crap (I've moved on from voting). Now we're different even though we're all doing the same thing, thinking the same thoughts, dressing the same. It's pathetic. The same thing goes for the t.v. shows we watch, the video games we play and on and on.

However, I don't think that it tricks us subconsciously because we still strive to be individuals in our own groups of like-minded idiots. This leads us to drug ourselves with alcohol or whatever else (drugs, perscription or otherwise, and any other addictions) we can get our hands on or do. Now we can't feel. Bad or otherwise

Then we're lonely and want to feel like part of a group. So we do the same stupid things we did to not feel like not individuals (because you can do the same things in a group setting too!). Oh, the fun in partying! And we all have the same craaaaazy stories!

I think that's how the peace movement fell apart. They were too selfish. What started in the 50's with the Civil Rights Movement (nearly completly unselfish) became a ghetto/slum exemplified by the Haight-Ashbury district in San Fransisco (then completly selfish). You see, being unselfish is hard. We don't want to do it. Nobody really wants to be a martyr. Not regular people at least. After awhile "free love" became just a bunch of dirty kids who protested because they had nothing better to do after waking from drug and alcohol induced stupors. The whole free love thing is a great idea, but we can't execute it. To do something for the betterment of everyone, you have to be completly unselfish. So you can say you don't want to hate, whatever, but you will eventually only be looking out for yourself. Whatever feels good TO YOU. No longer what IS good for everyone.

I can't stand that. But I'm the same way. I think I hate selfishness and apathy because I am the same way. It's not like I do anything. It's hard. Nobody's on your side. Everyone's too apathetic and nobody wants to be standing alone yelling for something nobody cares about. Maybe we all need the fear of God to make us act...OR...

We should care about more than just our image.

Did I go off topic? Probably. I don't want to go back and read everything over again. I hope I tied everything together. If not? I'm going to take a shower, brush my teeth and go to bed. I don't care.

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