Sunday, August 26, 2007

Who the hell reads this crap?

I can't believe the amount of people who've read this crap. But, to be honest, more than 100 views would be way more than I expect and there's been way more than that. I guess now everybody gets to spew their opinion now, despite most of them having no discernable resonable thought process to back them up. I include myself in this group.

Anyway, I'm just bored and I've already seen Boyz 'n the Hood but there's nothing else on t.v. Let's see...Everything's changing, you know? Everyone seems to be looking forward to the future. It's nice to see. Everyone's in a good mood and all relaxed, even if they're busy. It's nice to see.

This is pointless. I know. I'm just bored.

I kind of want to start going to NMSU volleyball games...and football games. All I wanna know is: Who's going with me? OH, C'MON!

Go Raiders...
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