Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ice Cream Should Never Be Unattainable

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I'm waiting for my ice cream to defrost (watching the DVD commentary on Spiderman 2). I tried to get some right now and it is as hard as rock. How hard? Well, after unsuccessfully trying to remove the proper amount of ice cream from the ice cream container, I started to stab at it with the ice cream scooper. That didn't work so I tried even harder. It began to sound like I was pounding a nail into the wall. In fact, the walls were moving. Wayyyyyy too much effort for a tasty desert.

While I'm waiting...

I've been reading a lot of people's blogs lately (sort of in a stalker-y way, I guess...what else are you supposed to do on social networking sites...not that I happen to enjoy social networking, I just am addicted to logging in to places). There are some pretty interesting people out there. And most of them put their photograpy up on the "web" (still watching Spiderman, so that gave me a little chuckle, albeit internally...I'm by myself and I'm not crazy enough to chuckle alone...Or Am I?). I don't know how all these people can make such great prints. My photography class is all but over and none of my pictures looked all that great.
I think I'll stick to sound editing.

For last week's radio show, the Monterey Pop Festival show, I made this really cool intro. It was too good to use for one show, but it's show specific so I'll never get to use it again.

Okay. The ice cream is ready. Actually, I left it too long. Now it's a little too soft.

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