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A Whole Thing About Music

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I was watching VH1 this weekend and I saw one of their documentaries, this one about the Monterey Pop Festival. It was maybe the coolest thing to ever happen...ever. Just think; nobody in that crowd had ever seen a band destroy their instruments before. The Who did it at the end of "My Generation." We take for granted how cliche it's become (For instance I decided to give Fall Out Boy a chance thinking "maybe I'm just a music snob and they are good." So I watched their new video, although I'm not sure what it was called and I don't care to look it up, but there were monkeys involved. And I was right. They do suck. But that's beside the point. The bass player started destroying the set and his bass and it was the worst display of a pissed off band I think I've ever seen. He looked like a total bitch. Very sad. People actually like that?).

Jimi Hendrix played to an American crowd for the first time (through the lobbying of P…

I've got nothing to say and it's okay

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I find myself wanting to write a lot recently. Whether it be a blog, journal entry (something I haven't done since, let me check...a couple of years), or song or something, I want to do something creative but it never comes out right. For example, every song I write comes out as some really bad copy of "It's Only Love" by The Beatles. I pretty much gave up creative writing just like I gave up art when I realized I wasn't going to be any good back when I was twelve, after years of filling notebooks and drawing pads trying to be an artist. I'll leave that to other people. Other people do writing and drawing better than me. I do them badly.

So now I'm trying photography. I haven't actually taken any pictures yet (it's only the fourth class), but I will be later this week. So we'll see how that goes. Hmmmmmmm.

I've gone to the movies a lot more than usual recently. I've seen Spiderman 3, Meet the Rob…