Monday, April 30, 2007

Ten minutes for a burrito! C'mon!

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I shouldn't have to wait any longer than two minutes for a bean burrito, no onions from Taco Bell. But, luckily, I have solved the problem. Taco Bell vending machines (a wise man once said, "food taste better dropped"). That way I wouldn't be waiting for an 85 cent meal. Though, I do think it may get messy. I'll leave other people to work out the logistics of the vending machine; I'm the idea man.

I have, as of a couple of weeks ago, made Taco Bell a weekly event. I usually go on Saturday, but yesterday I was trying to recover from having 2.5 hours of sleep Thursday night and then sleeping again 24 hours later. Fortunately for me, my parents wanted to go to the Crimson and White game that day and called me, waking me up three hours later (they showed up at my apartment but I didn't go). That's why I didn't go Saturday. The rest of my day was shot. I got a phone call at seven and I could barely make sense of what I was hearing because I had been falling in and out of sleep during the NFL draft. I thought maybe I would be starting off the week on a bad foot by throwing off my routine.

And even though I had to wait an ungodly amount of time to get dinner, this is still a great day.

First, the Suns won/ Lakers lost, then, the Red Sox won/ Yankees lost (Yankees suck), the Raiders drafted Bush, the running back from Louisville, I got to see Arrested Development (thank you G4 and, it rained really hard and was cloudy all day and now it smells gooooooood (sooooo good) outside (I was driving around town with my windows down). And I'm watching a great game right now (Dallas-Golden State). And my apartment is clean! Really clean! I put up my posters finally. I don't know why, I only have two more weeks to go before I have to take them down.

Which reminds me: I need to find a place to live for the summer. For the first time I'm not going to be living in El Paso with my parents during the summer. It's almost like I'm an adult or something (what?!?). Now I have all this responsibility and stuff. I have to go to meetings and get things done. Man. I go from being really confident and excited to thinking I'm going to mess everything up. And every couple of hours it changes. Right now I'm confident. Get back to me tomorrow morning and we'll see.

Now it is time for me to go to the track.

P.S. Baron Davis is sick.
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