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Ten minutes for a burrito! C'mon!

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I shouldn't have to wait any longer than two minutes for a bean burrito, no onions from Taco Bell. But, luckily, I have solved the problem. Taco Bell vending machines (a wise man once said, "food taste better dropped"). That way I wouldn't be waiting for an 85 cent meal. Though, I do think it may get messy. I'll leave other people to work out the logistics of the vending machine; I'm the idea man.

I have, as of a couple of weeks ago, made Taco Bell a weekly event. I usually go on Saturday, but yesterday I was trying to recover from having 2.5 hours of sleep Thursday night and then sleeping again 24 hours later. Fortunately for me, my parents wanted to go to the Crimson and White game that day and called me, waking me up three hours later (they showed up at my apartment but I didn't go). That's why I didn't go Saturday. The rest of my day was shot. I got a phone call at seven and I could barely make sense of what I was hearing bec…

I'm tired...

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And not because I can't seem to go to sleep before four in the morning. I'm tired of everybody showing how human they are by having so-and-so day/moment of something for Virginia Tech. It just seems to me that people have statements and e-mails saved up for such an occasion. I imagine a politician (or other public figure) thinks, "Great! Thirty how many people? The most ever? Huh. This is the perfect chance to show how I have feelings. I'll be the most sympathetic person in the country. Nobody will out sympathize with victim's families more than me!!!!!!"

Then they pull out their fill-in-the-blank message that they use for every tragedy:

"The tragedy (___________________) fills us all with sorrow. My heart goes out to the families of each of the victims of such a senseless act. Tomorrow the world will go on as usual for most of us, but for those directly affected by (___________________) there will be a void which will never be …


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I was at Ruby Tuesday a week ago (my burger was great) and we started talking about bacteria (completely un-food related). I decided we need to start a war on bacteria because they make us sick. I was told not all bacteria are bad, that in fact, most bacteria are not. Well, to that I say, as Stephen Colbert would say, "It is time to use our gut and not our brain." I FEEL bacteria are bad and, no matter what my brain may say, it makes all the sense in the world to destroy the entirety of them, once and for all.

Bacteria have had it too easy for too long. Anti-bacterial soaps have little effect today because we have not put enough pressure on bacteria to stop their biological weapons program...of themselves. Such stopgap (apparently one word, I looked it up because I had it hyphenated) measures designed to keep our enemy at bay have only served to prove our weakness in the eyes of our enemies around the world. In a post-9/11 world, we must be able to …