Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Thank You (Title: Me Yelling Instead of Talking About My Feelings or the Side-Floor View of Many a Row of Chairs).

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Hollywood Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame - Syl...
The reason I'm mad: Sylvester Stallone takes HGH.. What's next? Clint Eastwood is gay or something (Tim Hardaway opened my eyes. Ummm. Tim Hardaway.)? Okay not really. It's much longer and boring than that. If you're in a listening-to-someone-whine mood than just ask me. Man, I need to hit something inanimate.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

In Dealing with Little Kids

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First Off:  No Lorraine, I won't miss KRUXfest because it's important I be there (I already convinced myself) for some reason. I made up my mind and you're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me.You're not the boss of me.You're not the boss of me. SO THERE.

Second On: I'm going to fall apart by the time I am thirty. Just ask me about all my physical aliments. If you ever see me wearing shorts and a t-shirt (usually Nike) then I'm probably going to do something vaguely athletic and then I'll be in some sort of pain the next day. If IcyHot didn't smell so freakin' good I'd be really sad about hurting all the time.

On that note, I would like to write about something that I saw at a basketball game against Fresno State, the only game the Aggies lost at home this year. Any objections. No? Okay. After the game some stupid lady runs onto the court with a banner and all the Fresno fans are cheering. That is so disrespectful to me that I wanted to go fight all those stupid people. Instead I just yelled at them. Now I usually don't yell anything to bad at the opposing team (I do get caught up in saying "fill-in-the-blank sucks"), but these people really pissed me off. I was calling them fat (because they were, I mean really big) and ugly (see previous parenthasized comment), blah, blah, blah, this and that. But some guy who I know yells out that he hopes the lady's kid dies. Wow. That was over the line. I told him to calm down and he did, but I can't stand people yelling at kids, especially when they did nothing. And there's a reason for this.

When I was much younger than I am today I was at an Aggie football game. I'm pretty sure we were in the student section (my parents and brother and maybe baby sister? I'm not sure) and a beach ball began being hit around. I wanted no part in it because I didn't want to mess up, because if I did the ball would've fallen down to the floor on the sideline and it would never be seen from again. However, my brother likes to play around and hit the ball and, being not older than eight, did not hit it very well and it floated over the rail and onto the field (not the playing field just to the floor). These jerks that in my mind were frat guys (though I can't be sure since it was so long ago) start yelling things at him about losing their ball. That pissed me off. I just stared at them like I would kick their asses, which is pretty funny because they were considerably larger than me, being probably twelve at the time. But that is why I hate people yelling at little kids and probably why I hate frats too (although them being a bunch of douches certainly has much to do with it). The fact that I always remember these stupid stories to explain why I am the way I am I used to think of as a good thing, but now I think maybe I can't just let things go. Alright moving on.

Now, more stories about kids and how stupid adults are. I was at Cheddar's on Sunday with my family for my mom's birthday when, in the booth next to us, a guy passes out directly into his plate. That should be very scary to the people with him who I figured to be his wife, their daughter and grandchild. So he passes out and his daughter jumps up screaming as loud as she possibly can every terrible thought she is having interspersed with cries for help. While I can feel for her being scared her dad was dying, everyone freaks out around her, including her own kid. I start listening to everything going on around me because I couldn't really do anything not knowing CPR or anything and I didn't even know what was wrong with him because the lady was just screaming. Some of the things I hear:

1) No clanging of dishes
2) Ladies telling their husbands, "Go help him!"
3) Mumbling
4) "What's wrong?"
5) Lady of the passed out man to grandchild, "Don't worry. Grandpa's okay (he still wasn't up yet and she was sitting next to him)."
6) Continuous yelling from daughter, no call to 911
7) Other people say to call 911

Okay, so that's the scene and now everyone is off balance thanks to the ladies screaming and her kid thinks grandpa died directly in front of them (not sure if it was a boy or girl) because mom is screaming bloddy murder.

To end the story, the man was okay, but very embarrased and did not remember anything. He left to wait for the ambulance outside and even got to keep the glass glass from the restaurant which is pretty cool. I imagine he has to get tests and has probably gone undiagnosed as a diabetic or something and will be okay (I really made a whole story about these people while waiting for my food). But to scare your own kid into thinking their grandfather had died in front of their eyes, ridiculously stupid.

I've eaten in many different places and under stressful conditions. For example, when I was a dishwasher the cooks would sometimes give us food they had messed up on (wrong flavor, didn't hold the mustard, cancelled order, stuff of that nature) and we would eat it in the dishpit, which is probably one word. That place was nasty and there's all this junk on your hands, steam all over the place, food that looks chewed up and spit out in the sink and on the floor and it stinks back there. Still, we'd eat like we'd never had food before (that's more than likely because you didn't know if you'd get a break and be able to eat during your generally longer than eight hour shift). But after the lady screaming over what amounted to nothing and the minute of stress about wondering if you're watching someone die and, if so, how can you help them, why didn't you learn CPR, isn't there some sort of medical personel around, shouldn't they get his face out of his food first of all, what's wrong, is it a man or a little kid, why won't the lady move out of the way so I can see, is he choking, having a heart attack, stabbed, committing suicide, that lady is still not helping by yelling, that kid must really be scared, I still can't do anything...deep breath...I didn't want to eat anymore and nothing happened to me. I, for some strange reason, did not feel comfortable there in that restaurant. I could imagine how that kid felt. Oh, I still ate though and my Mushroom Cheeseburger was very good.

And one last story that I actually played a part in. Some little kids were over at the station and I was playing with them. The station essentially is one, circular hallway. These kids wanted to run around in a circle and have one of the "adults" block them for making it all the way around. All the other people there had there chance to stop these kids and played along for awhile but gave up out of boredom (?) or just being tired. I don't mind, I like running around in circles (just ask my mom about three in the morning when I first learned how to walk).

I'm really bad with ages but the kids (there were two, an outgoing boy with a cool remote control truck and a cute little girl) were young and very energetic. The boy asked me to block them after everyone else backed out and so I did my job. Nobody was getting by me. I've played these sorts of games with my brothers forever. Experience was on my side. Not to mention over 100 pounds. He tried hard to get by me and couldn't, but his sister, seeing how hard of a time he was having decided to retreat and go back the way she came. It was pretty smart because she thought she could get by me that way. But I've seen that plan before so I shuffled over to that side and here she comes with those cool shoes I always wanted with the lights in the soles (but not the pink ones like she had, I wanted black ones) and I go to stop her. When she sees me pop out from behind the corner she freaks out and gets the most frightened look in her eyes. That made me feel real bad because she had been real nice when we talked earlier. The weird thing is about ten minutes later she was playing around with me again (by pushing me into a wall, which I proceeded to jump into because kids like pretending they are strong enought to hurt somebody much larger them then, just try it, get punched by a kid and act like it hurt and they laugh and laugh). I thought I was just very scary or something (crazy murderer looking like). Then I talke to my mom before the Cheddar's dinner and she told me kids just get really into the games they play. That made me feel better but I still don't want to go around frightening kids when they are that small. Most of the time, though, I think those kids had fun. At least I hope so.

Whew! That took longer than I thought it would. See. I'm crazy. Talking to myself again.

And that picture in the background of the mountains at sunset or sunrise is, according to wikipedia, of what used to be one of my favorite places in the world to go to...the mountains next to my grandma's house. I could see them from her house and it is the most beautiful place I've ever been to. If you're ever bored and want to see something cool (and you like hiking/museum type things) go to the Pecos National Monument. Even if wikipedia is wrong about the picture being from there, that is pretty much what the place looks like. And I know the blog covers up most of the picture. Sorry.

And forgive any spelling or grammatical errors, it's late and I thought I would just write something real quick and hopefully funny that probably only one person would get and go to sleep. That didn't happen. And sorry for writing "probably" and "really" a lot and many of the same words and phrases repeatedly. I desperately need to read a book once in a while. Anyone out there have a Television Personalites record I could listen to? I heard the song "King and Country" and I think I'm in love (with the music Tim Hardaway, not a guy).
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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ohhhhh Never Mind

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I was going to write some real insightful blog where I express all my feelings and what not. Then I decided I probably shouldn't do that for one reason: I wrote a song. Whenever I start doing wannabe, artsy crap like that, I know I'm not in the state of mind to go on writing to the public (it has to be some public, I can't look at my own blog 710 times).

So instead, I'm going to the Boys and Girls Club benefit show thing tomorrow. I bet some live music will help me, if not have fun (which I've decided I'm incapable of, I'm not kidding), then at least distract me. And that's all I could ask for (hint for upcoming birthday present: a distraction).

The best distraction I have right now is my not one, not two, but three radio shows. I host one, have a co-host(s) on another and am the co-host on another. Each one is so different, I love the lack of monotony. Friday's morning show was pretty bad because my voice was messed up, but the afternoon one was much better (although I rambled on when we were off-air and probably annoyed the host, but come on, I only got two and one-half hours of sleep the night before). And I don't want another radio show for my birthday. While I like all three, one more and I'd probably kill myself.

One more thing. I can't tell who's on my side anymore. I think I know and then I hear otherwise from my sources (yeah, that's right, I have sources). I'll have plenty of time to think about it when I'm not watching the Aggies play in the WAC tournament thanks to a beautiful turn in the schedule of KRUXfest. Yay for going to basketball games almost religiously and not being able to see the most important games when the jerks who don't even pay attention to the games and are too busy throwing paper airplanes at people who are or too lazy to stand up and instead want to be as much of an ass as they can be to the guys who care enough to stand and yell/cheer (we're not there to lounge around expletive expletive expletive expletive...).
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