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Thank You (Title: Me Yelling Instead of Talking About My Feelings or the Side-Floor View of Many a Row of Chairs).

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The reason I'm mad: Sylvester Stallone takes HGH.. What's next? Clint Eastwood is gay or something (Tim Hardaway opened my eyes. Ummm. Tim Hardaway.)? Okay not really. It's much longer and boring than that. If you're in a listening-to-someone-whine mood than just ask me. Man, I need to hit something inanimate.

In Dealing with Little Kids

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First Off:  No Lorraine, I won't miss KRUXfest because it's important I be there (I already convinced myself) for some reason. I made up my mind and you're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me.You're not the boss of me.You're not the boss of me. SO THERE.

Second On: I'm going to fall apart by the time I am thirty. Just ask me about all my physical aliments. If you ever see me wearing shorts and a t-shirt (usually Nike) then I'm probably going to do something vaguely athletic and then I'll be in some sort of pain the next day. If IcyHot didn't smell so freakin' good I'd be really sad about hurting all the time.

On that note, I would like to write about something that I saw at a basketball game against Fresno State, the only game the Aggies lost at home this year. Any objections. No? Okay. After the game some stupid lady r…

Ohhhhh Never Mind

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I was going to write some real insightful blog where I express all my feelings and what not. Then I decided I probably shouldn't do that for one reason: I wrote a song. Whenever I start doing wannabe, artsy crap like that, I know I'm not in the state of mind to go on writing to the public (it has to be some public, I can't look at my own blog 710 times).

So instead, I'm going to the Boys and Girls Club benefit show thing tomorrow. I bet some live music will help me, if not have fun (which I've decided I'm incapable of, I'm not kidding), then at least distract me. And that's all I could ask for (hint for upcoming birthday present: a distraction).

The best distraction I have right now is my not one, not two, but three radio shows. I host one, have a co-host(s) on another and am the co-host on another. Each one is so different, I love the lack of monotony. Friday's morning show was pretty bad because my voice was messed up, but the aft…