Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2-10-1 (or of random thoughts)

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Nothing warms my heart quite like winning. Go team! Now I'm happy. Nothing could make me feel bad...well, not until I have to go to class tomorrow. Boo class.

Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit suck!

You know what I was thinking about last night? All That on Nickelodeon. It was such a cool show. Maybe something to talk about on the 80's and 90's show I co-host on KRUX, Clueless (Fridays from 4-6 pm)? Certainly if I remember.

I have a ridiculously manly cough.

At least the Celtics can win something (slam dunk contest). And at least I have never physically seen the Aggies lose a basketball game (I've been to all but two games).

I will rule with an iron fist.

When LastFM starts giving me all the charts and suggestions off of the stuff I've been listening to since Sunday (the last day they put out charts and less than 24 hours after I signed up) it should be awesome.

Demetri Martin is the coolest guy living.

After going to church this Sunday, I decided I should be nice to people who I hate. From now on you'll know just how much I hate you by how nice I am. If I'm a complete ass (instead of just a partial one) I really value our relationship. If I compliment you and offer to help you out, I wish you were dead.

Every single one of you who reads this sucks.
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