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A Total Lack of Respect

Image via Wikipedia So I watched the Indianapolis Colts beat the New England Patriots last night. It would have mattered more to me, but I had just watched the New Mexico State Aggie men's basketball team beat #13 ranked Nevada the night before. It was great, all the yelling and white (we were supposed to "Whiteout" the Pan Am, nobody ran with my idea to advertise it as "White Power"). The Nevada players looked really shaken up and disoriented most of the game.

What'd Up Sucka

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Aw yes. A new year full of new hopes and aspirations, situations and persperations. Everybody always seems to be looking forward to the next semester like they won't be cursing the day they were born by midterms. Not me though. I'm not depressed or sad or anything. In fact, I'm not anything. I don't feel good or bad. I'm just uncomfortable and I don't like it.

It's really weird, I don't know of anyone ever feeling like this (I've never heard anyone say anything similar, though I don't think I've stumbled upon something new). I'm having a hard time doing easy things such as conversing with people and I wasn't even that good at it in the first place. I can't think of anything creative, like at all. I'm boring myself people. Even though everything seems to be the same, I feel completely out of place.

Imagine, for a second, being a decent shooter (I'm talking about basketball not guns though it's probably…

Finally...One of My Teams Looks Good

If you didn't know, the Aggies beat the Miners on Saturday. Even though they played bad, I'm still happy because it has been years (actually, since my senior year in high school) that one of my favorite teams (Oakland Raiders, Boston Celtics, NMSU Aggies) has been competative. I don't count the Red Sox because I'm not a big baseball fan (though they did keep me from jumping off a large building by winning a World Series).

Well, I was at the game and yelled myself hoarse. It could've been worse, but my head started to hurt really bad towards the end of the first half (and my head never hurts, so THAT's how loud I was yelling). It was a great atmosphere and I was so happy that the so-called "Panamaniacs" came out in force. I haven't been to a game that loud since I was a kid (probably the early 90's).

If you ever have been having a terrible day, week, month, year or life (this may not cure a terrible life problem), just do what I did and yell you…