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Swimming down the street (I can't actually swim) the other day I saw something I had never seen before. So I continued on down the road being sure that the rats who controled the sewers didn't get a glimpse of my new watch, the one with the three hands (made around Chernobyl). Those bastards will steal anything they can get their oven mits on.

Now, some people say sayings that we all know. And others just make 'em up. I've never been a big fan. The best things are always dropped. I learned that too.

Why do we have an abudance of rocks and not enough water? Let's just drink rocks. I know what you're saying, "Christmas Oreos before Thanksgiving?" I agree. Beside, rocks are easily placed in sacks and backpacks and carried around. Water's a drag.

I've never believed in mush. But sometimes...sometimes I wish, for just one second, people would all stop, take their allergy medicine and smell the roses. After they discover I've replaced them with …

Man, the Yankees SUCK

The Red Sox are about to start so I'll make this short. Washington, D.C. is a weird place. It was actually hotter than Las Cruces or El Paso on Tuesday, but today it's really cold and foggy. Marble looks cool. I want a house with at least one room full of marble(s) like in the Supreme Court.

I, apparently, look like a person from New York or D.C. Two people told me this. I think that's a pretty good consensus. The thing is I don't like New York and I wouldn't want to live in Washington. The state, yes, the city, no. And just because I look angry on the subway and while walking around the city? C'mon. Most people just look busy, not angry.

I CAN have a good time with a group of people. I used to...wait, first pitch...okay, I used to think I couldn't have a good time with people because I'm too boring and DON'T LIKE PEOPLE. But that's not true. I don't like STUPID people. These types of people are loud and stupid. It magnifies their idiocy an…

Things are GREAT!

The Raiders finally won! And the Aggies don't have a losing record four games into the season! And the Birthday Bash was a success! Everything looks like it's going right for the ole "For Real Deal" (that's me by the way). It sure looks that way.

I think I've really lucked into a couple of things happening. For one, I have a great staff that is, for the most part, very ambitious. They kick ass. And they make me look better than I actually do (though not in pictures, where I look terrible recently). My flag football team (it's not mine) is good, but not because of me. We have added some good players and, though I haven't played horrible, have made up for my lack of talent or athletic ability.

I don't know. I should really be happy about everything that's happened recently. It's all just a distraction though. It just doesn't seem important...except for when I worry and stay up all night (like right now). I think I need to concentrate on …

Apathy and Selfishness

Image via Wikipedia Apathy is the worst disease. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. We're all so cool that we can't care about anything. Caring would expose us to how weak we actually are.

I say this because of something I heard from a student in a government class. He said his professor bestowed upon voting the classification of insignificant, saying the only reason we vote is to "feel good about ourselves." What a bunch of crap! This is the reason no one votes. "It doesn't matter," we tell ourselves, "What's the point?"

But there is a point. If everyone voted it would count. We let everyone decide everything for us. Stupid people. People who shouldn't given power at all. And we let them. These people are easily frightened by the crap politician spew all the time. God this. God that. Using God as their own personal meal ticket to political office. It's like doublespeak, you know? God is supposed to be loving and forgiving and the pol…

I Should Eat a Pony

I'm so happy now! I was finally able to run three miles without stopping! That may not sound like that impressive, but my knees have been hurting and keeping me from getting past 2.5 miles (not to mention being badly out of shape). I also run on the outside track, so it's more than tree miles (yeah, that's right tree miles, they're longer than normal miles). Running helps me clear my mind. Too many stupid things running through it (but I'm faster, damnit, stupid complicated situations).

And flag football starts next week. We actually look like we have a good team!

And I'm listening to a great song right now. "How Can Love Hurt So Much" by The Knack. It's beautiful. "There Goes My Gun" by Pixies is pretty damn good too (Media Player is on shuffle, at the radio station at one in the morning I can sing as loud as I want).

The Brothers Soloman comes out this week (with Will Arnet and Will Forte). Come on. Who wants to go see that too?

I’m Looking for a New Friend

Image via CrunchBase Well, one of the three actual people on my myspace top friends thing deleted his profile. That means there is a spot opening up! I don't like having people I don't know on there (even though Demetri Martin is hilarious, I don't actually know him) I will be taking applications for an undefined period of time until I find that new friend. It could be you! But it probably won't be because I expect millions of applications.

Here are some of the qualifications and requirments for the job and the honor of being one of my top friends:

1) I like peanut butter cookies. If you can make peanut butter cookies or otherwise have some way of obtaining peanut butter cookies (i.e. you can murder a baker and steal cookies, or your mom can make 'em) that would be a good start.
2) You'll have to pass the cool test which consists of liking good music (as defined by me, the upmost authority on cool), liking Arrested Development (the t.v. show) and/or 30 Rock and …

Who the hell reads this crap?

I can't believe the amount of people who've read this crap. But, to be honest, more than 100 views would be way more than I expect and there's been way more than that. I guess now everybody gets to spew their opinion now, despite most of them having no discernable resonable thought process to back them up. I include myself in this group.

Anyway, I'm just bored and I've already seen Boyz 'n the Hood but there's nothing else on t.v. Let's see...Everything's changing, you know? Everyone seems to be looking forward to the future. It's nice to see. Everyone's in a good mood and all relaxed, even if they're busy. It's nice to see.

This is pointless. I know. I'm just bored.

I kind of want to start going to NMSU volleyball games...and football games. All I wanna know is: Who's going with me? OH, C'MON!

Go Raiders...


Cover of Superbad (Unrated Widescreen Edition)
I have been awake since 7:30 a.m. and I've managed to talk to five people today (it's currently 7 p.m.). I would guess I have said less than 100 words (not counting when I was doing my radio show and I speak, but that's not to anyone in particular because I don't think anyone heard it). I have a great ability to avoid people. If I could avoid people on the football field as well as I do in my everyday life, I would be the most prolific running back, kick and punt returner in the history of football.

I guess everyone is busy at the places I usually hang out at. I wouldn't be here either if I had something better to do with someone better to do it with. But alas, I have no money (and damnit if I didn't actually want to go see Superbad).

Hey! At least I have my music. I got the second volume of the Nuggets box sets and it's really good. I downloaded it, you know, because of the lack of money (I will buy it eventual…

Cheech & Chong

Cover via Amazon
So, I was listening to my Cheech & Chong records (I only managed to get through the Greatest Hits) tonight. They are so freakin' funny! The great thing is not just the skits, which are masterfully written and acted, but the way the background sounds are used to make the scene 3-D...but in sound. You really have to listen with headphones on to fully enjoy each track. You don't have to, but it helps. There is a lot going on.

I would like to make something like that. Do people still make comedy albums like those anymore? I'm not talking about stand-up. If someone does make fully produced albums of skits, I would like to hear it and see how far the genre has come. I doubt it would be as good as Cheech & Chong, but how could it? Most movies don't stand up to the Cheech & Chong movies (even the weird ones, and I've seen all of them, are pretty funny).

Anyway, I have a bunch of audio saved on a couple of computers. I think I'm going to star…

Phones Are Dumb

Cover of Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul
Some stupid girl recently told me that I'm the reason she takes time (a really, really long time apparently) to get to know people because I'm untrustworthy. I believe that if you ask a hundred people who have gotten to know me (and there aren't even close to that many) zero of them would call me untrustworthy. I have many faults, but I can be trusted with anything. I keep secrets from myself. And I try to not take advantage of people, especially now that I have to read all these books for my english class about feminism. Now I'm all self-concious about even looking at people. I don't look at anyone, you know, to be on the safe side, and so I'm all bumping into things and what not.

Anyway, she was boring and I was completly uninterested in her anyway. It was a very annoying couple of months of trying hard not to talk to someone and feeling like I couldn't get away from her. And, by the way, I'm never giving my …

Ice Cream Should Never Be Unattainable

Image via Wikipedia I'm waiting for my ice cream to defrost (watching the DVD commentary on Spiderman 2). I tried to get some right now and it is as hard as rock. How hard? Well, after unsuccessfully trying to remove the proper amount of ice cream from the ice cream container, I started to stab at it with the ice cream scooper. That didn't work so I tried even harder. It began to sound like I was pounding a nail into the wall. In fact, the walls were moving. Wayyyyyy too much effort for a tasty desert.

While I'm waiting...

I've been reading a lot of people's blogs lately (sort of in a stalker-y way, I guess...what else are you supposed to do on social networking sites...not that I happen to enjoy social networking, I just am addicted to logging in to places). There are some pretty interesting people out there. And most of them put their photograpy up on the "web" (still watching Spiderman, so that gave me a little chuckle, albeit internally...I'm by m…

A Whole Thing About Music

Image via Wikipedia
I was watching VH1 this weekend and I saw one of their documentaries, this one about the Monterey Pop Festival. It was maybe the coolest thing to ever happen...ever. Just think; nobody in that crowd had ever seen a band destroy their instruments before. The Who did it at the end of "My Generation." We take for granted how cliche it's become (For instance I decided to give Fall Out Boy a chance thinking "maybe I'm just a music snob and they are good." So I watched their new video, although I'm not sure what it was called and I don't care to look it up, but there were monkeys involved. And I was right. They do suck. But that's beside the point. The bass player started destroying the set and his bass and it was the worst display of a pissed off band I think I've ever seen. He looked like a total bitch. Very sad. People actually like that?).

Jimi Hendrix played to an American crowd for the first time (through the lobbying of P…

I've got nothing to say and it's okay

Cover of Spider-Man 3 (Widescreen Edition)
I find myself wanting to write a lot recently. Whether it be a blog, journal entry (something I haven't done since, let me check...a couple of years), or song or something, I want to do something creative but it never comes out right. For example, every song I write comes out as some really bad copy of "It's Only Love" by The Beatles. I pretty much gave up creative writing just like I gave up art when I realized I wasn't going to be any good back when I was twelve, after years of filling notebooks and drawing pads trying to be an artist. I'll leave that to other people. Other people do writing and drawing better than me. I do them badly.

So now I'm trying photography. I haven't actually taken any pictures yet (it's only the fourth class), but I will be later this week. So we'll see how that goes. Hmmmmmmm.

I've gone to the movies a lot more than usual recently. I've seen Spiderman 3, Meet the Rob…

Ten minutes for a burrito! C'mon!

Image via Wikipedia
I shouldn't have to wait any longer than two minutes for a bean burrito, no onions from Taco Bell. But, luckily, I have solved the problem. Taco Bell vending machines (a wise man once said, "food taste better dropped"). That way I wouldn't be waiting for an 85 cent meal. Though, I do think it may get messy. I'll leave other people to work out the logistics of the vending machine; I'm the idea man.

I have, as of a couple of weeks ago, made Taco Bell a weekly event. I usually go on Saturday, but yesterday I was trying to recover from having 2.5 hours of sleep Thursday night and then sleeping again 24 hours later. Fortunately for me, my parents wanted to go to the Crimson and White game that day and called me, waking me up three hours later (they showed up at my apartment but I didn't go). That's why I didn't go Saturday. The rest of my day was shot. I got a phone call at seven and I could barely make sense of what I was hearing bec…

I'm tired...

Image by eschipul via Flickr
And not because I can't seem to go to sleep before four in the morning. I'm tired of everybody showing how human they are by having so-and-so day/moment of something for Virginia Tech. It just seems to me that people have statements and e-mails saved up for such an occasion. I imagine a politician (or other public figure) thinks, "Great! Thirty how many people? The most ever? Huh. This is the perfect chance to show how I have feelings. I'll be the most sympathetic person in the country. Nobody will out sympathize with victim's families more than me!!!!!!"

Then they pull out their fill-in-the-blank message that they use for every tragedy:

"The tragedy (___________________) fills us all with sorrow. My heart goes out to the families of each of the victims of such a senseless act. Tomorrow the world will go on as usual for most of us, but for those directly affected by (___________________) there will be a void which will never be …


Image by wallyg via Flickr
I was at Ruby Tuesday a week ago (my burger was great) and we started talking about bacteria (completely un-food related). I decided we need to start a war on bacteria because they make us sick. I was told not all bacteria are bad, that in fact, most bacteria are not. Well, to that I say, as Stephen Colbert would say, "It is time to use our gut and not our brain." I FEEL bacteria are bad and, no matter what my brain may say, it makes all the sense in the world to destroy the entirety of them, once and for all.

Bacteria have had it too easy for too long. Anti-bacterial soaps have little effect today because we have not put enough pressure on bacteria to stop their biological weapons program...of themselves. Such stopgap (apparently one word, I looked it up because I had it hyphenated) measures designed to keep our enemy at bay have only served to prove our weakness in the eyes of our enemies around the world. In a post-9/11 world, we must be able to …



Thank You (Title: Me Yelling Instead of Talking About My Feelings or the Side-Floor View of Many a Row of Chairs).

Image via Wikipedia

The reason I'm mad: Sylvester Stallone takes HGH.. What's next? Clint Eastwood is gay or something (Tim Hardaway opened my eyes. Ummm. Tim Hardaway.)? Okay not really. It's much longer and boring than that. If you're in a listening-to-someone-whine mood than just ask me. Man, I need to hit something inanimate.

In Dealing with Little Kids

Image via Wikipedia
First Off:  No Lorraine, I won't miss KRUXfest because it's important I be there (I already convinced myself) for some reason. I made up my mind and you're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me. You're not the boss of me.You're not the boss of me.You're not the boss of me. SO THERE.

Second On: I'm going to fall apart by the time I am thirty. Just ask me about all my physical aliments. If you ever see me wearing shorts and a t-shirt (usually Nike) then I'm probably going to do something vaguely athletic and then I'll be in some sort of pain the next day. If IcyHot didn't smell so freakin' good I'd be really sad about hurting all the time.

On that note, I would like to write about something that I saw at a basketball game against Fresno State, the only game the Aggies lost at home this year. Any objections. No? Okay. After the game some stupid lady r…

Ohhhhh Never Mind

Image via Wikipedia
I was going to write some real insightful blog where I express all my feelings and what not. Then I decided I probably shouldn't do that for one reason: I wrote a song. Whenever I start doing wannabe, artsy crap like that, I know I'm not in the state of mind to go on writing to the public (it has to be some public, I can't look at my own blog 710 times).

So instead, I'm going to the Boys and Girls Club benefit show thing tomorrow. I bet some live music will help me, if not have fun (which I've decided I'm incapable of, I'm not kidding), then at least distract me. And that's all I could ask for (hint for upcoming birthday present: a distraction).

The best distraction I have right now is my not one, not two, but three radio shows. I host one, have a co-host(s) on another and am the co-host on another. Each one is so different, I love the lack of monotony. Friday's morning show was pretty bad because my voice was messed up, but the aft…

2-10-1 (or of random thoughts)

Image via Wikipedia
Nothing warms my heart quite like winning. Go team! Now I'm happy. Nothing could make me feel bad...well, not until I have to go to class tomorrow. Boo class.

Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit suck!

You know what I was thinking about last night? All That on Nickelodeon. It was such a cool show. Maybe something to talk about on the 80's and 90's show I co-host on KRUX, Clueless (Fridays from 4-6 pm)? Certainly if I remember.

I have a ridiculously manly cough.

At least the Celtics can win something (slam dunk contest). And at least I have never physically seen the Aggies lose a basketball game (I've been to all but two games).

I will rule with an iron fist.

When LastFM starts giving me all the charts and suggestions off of the stuff I've been listening to since Sunday (the last day they put out charts and less than 24 hours after I signed up) it should be awesome.

Demetri Martin is the coolest guy living.

After going to church this Sunday, I decided I should be…