Sunday, November 26, 2006

Maybe There Is No God...

...because I'm watching Notre Dame get beat up by USC. Though I don't want Michigan to play in the National Championship (stupid sports writers' east coast bias), I have to go for Catholic schools over all others (except for the Aggies of New Mexico State of course…and ha! Utah State has nothing on us).
I am so tired as we come up on the end of the semester. I seriously need to get back to running track and playing basketball so I can have more energy and lose some of the flab (it's not much, but it is more than I'm used to). And I don't want to hear about energy drinks because those things will kill you. I will be proved right.

Now, even though I don't have any money, I will start taking donations so I can go see "RFK." I'm hoping it's about Robert Kennedy who I've become interested in this semester. I can't tell if it is based on the trailers. Anybody with any information please call me on my brand new cell phone that I'm not sure I can trust to not drop calls. Or talk to me in person because I hate talking on the phone (I have terrible hearing due to my love of listening to the rock and roll music loudly on my headphones that I wear all over the place). And I don't care if I have to go see it by myself, I'm going.

O.K. so that's all kinda stupid, so how about this. What do you think is better: to be so jaded at people in general that you can't trust anyone or to never have any contact with anyone so you don't know how much 99% of people want to take advantage of 100% of everyone else? I have some cousins who have no idea what to expect in the real world because they are so sheltered (they never interact with anyone their own age because of home schooling). I can see how messed up they're going to become if their parents continue to raise them like they are (they still have a chance with at least one of their kids). It's sad and I know I don't want to raise my kids like that.

And the '83 Los Angeles Raiders have to be better than the 20th greatest Super Bowl team of all time. Stupid NFL Network.

Oh yeah, I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure God doesn't care about football.

On a completly different note, if you want to see something interesting outlining some of my opinions on religion and the current administration read this:
Commentary on Notre Dame Commencement

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Favorite Singers

I like the movie High Fidelity. In that movie, Rob Gordon makes many a list about anything and everything. I would like to make some of my own. So, without further ado, here are my favorite singers (each for a variety of reasons) and one song (Sam Cooke gets two) that demonstrates why I like their voice:

1) Otis Redding ("I've Been Loving You Too Long" by Otis Redding)
2) David Ruffin ("Ain't Too Proud to Beg" by The Temptations)
3) John Fogerty ("Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)" by Creedence Clearwater Revival)
4) John Lennon ("Mother" by John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band)
6) Marvin Gaye ("Lets Get It On" by Marvin Gaye)
7) Jim Morrison ("Light My Fire" by The Doors)
8) Wilson Pickett ("Land of 1000 Dances" by Wilson Pickett)
9) Sam Cooke ("Summertime" or "Bring It On Home To Me" by Sam Cooke)
10) Bob Dylan ("Girl from the North Country" by Bob Dylan)

P.S. And there has to be some room up there for Smokey Robinson ("Ooo Baby Baby" by Smokey Robinson is amazing) and about three other guys from the Temptations (Eddie Kendricks ("Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)" by The Temptations), Dennis Edwards ("Papa Was a Rolling Stone" by The Temptations) and Melvin Franklin (every Temptations song). Oh hell, how about all the Temptations.
P.S.S. And if you're wondering about all the great female singers, well, it's easier for me to identify with guys singing songs than girls, just because of the point of view of the lyrics. I mean, listen to the sample songs, you'll see what I mean (and a good way to do that is to download Bearshare beacause you don't have to pay to download for the duration of some trial period, which for me, so far, has been indefinately). Oh, and I'm totally sexist.
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Friday, November 3, 2006

Who I'd Rather See

Alright, so I went to St. Louis last week (first time I've been on a plane) and I just happened to come upon the Cardinals winning the World Series and the celebration following. That's cool and everything, but what's better is the show I went to the night the Series was won. I saw Throw Rag, the Eagles of Death Metal and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. That was so cool to me, you know, to see Joan Jett and to see the Eagles of Death Metal. That got me to thinking, "Who would I like to see even more than those?" Well, here's the (working) list:

1) Chuck Berry
2) Bob Dylan
3) The White Stripes
4) John Fogerty
5) Eric Clapton
6) Fats Domino

And that's about it. So...if anyone has any tickets to where any of those acts are playing please tell me so I can steal them from you. Carry on.

Oh, and by the way, I was in St. Louis for a college media conference. Not a pre-Thanksgiving break vacation. Now, carry on.