Monday, October 23, 2006

I Hate People and Why

I was at the NMSU-Hawaii football game today and I sat in the student section. Usually I don't sit in the student section because I do not like frats. The whole scene annoys me. You know, drunken idiots who know nothing about football and don't know how to act at a game (you don't yell the whole time, for example, when our offense has a third down), people whose uniform of too-small-for-an-infant shirts, torn jeans and shaggy or spiky hair make them look like as stupid as they sound. And, on top of me not liking them already, they boo the Pride. Their own school marching band. It wasn't everyone, but it was enough people for me to notice (I would estimate fourty-seven people) There are numerous reasons this pissed me off. First, my brother is in the band and I don't want people to boo him. Second, they are pretty good (I mean, I could see booing a band that sucks). Third, it's your own damn school you stupid jackasses. I should have told them to shut their damn mouths and I would have (and in not as nice of words), but I didn't want to look like a psycho in front of the people I was with (like that matters). That disappointed me after I got home. I should have stood up and said something, but I didn't. So, really, I shouldn't say anything after the fact because I didn't say anything to their stupid, stupid faces. Man, I feel like a bitch. Damnit! I just wanted to get that off of my chest.