Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Need to Be the Leader

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So the flag football team I'm on was destroyed again today. Real great. The other team laughed us off the field. I'm not kidding. They were laughing on the sideline. I hate that. My whole life I've tried not to be laughed at and it's done more bad than good I figure. So, I've decided to take an active role as the leader and yell at people. I can't take being laughed at again. I'm not very good at sports generally, but I can make people do what I want them to. I take power very well because (I think) I don't abuse it. I would be a good dictator. That's right. I try to please everyone, so even if I had all the power in the world I think I would be a good dictator. Not very many people have seen me take charge of things, but I will starting tomorrow. People should take charge of their life. Unless it butts heads with me. Then let me win. Let's see. What else.

At work everything is cool. The people are real nice and seem to like me (unless they are plotting behind my back, it could happen because I can't see too well behind my back...if you see anyone behind my back could you please inform me?). But everyone seems to work more than me (and that's before my computer broke). My job is very easy and I'm not even that good at it, meanwhile, everyone seems to be doing a great job. So I try to volunteer for every manual labor job at the station. I've carried so many p.a.'s this semseter...  I'm just trying to keep up.

Oh, Anchor Blue is dead to me. I went there because I tore my favorite pair of jeans playing basketball and sliding on the floor. Those jeans were comfortable and really made my butt look good (that's right, I don't really like the way I look, but I like my is very underrated). The problem is Anchor Blue has completly sold out to that American Eagle style of old looking clothes that pisses me off. I cannot buy jeans that are torn and faded to begin with. I hate that look and the people who wear it (exageration). I now have to change brands, something I don't like to do. Not that anybody cares. If anyone has any pull in the fashion thing, destroy this trend of crappy clothing. Make new clothes look new. It's okay if old clothes looks old, that's what happens. But why would anyone pay money for...okay I'll stop now.

C'mon who agrees with me?

I'd guess no one.

Oh well. Hopefully nobody else thinks too deeply about such stupid things (and don't think I don't have pages and pages more of stupid observations and gripes with people and things to write...because I there).
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