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You Know What I Don't Like...

Maybe nobody cares, but everyone is writing blogs and most of them suck (not anyone's who is reading this though). So I thought, "Why don't I write one?" Now here we are. I don't like the majority of blogs in the world. There are some very good bloggers out there (even on myspace), but most of them are horrible. Much of it is very superficial, like as if everyone doesn't have problems. I don't think anyone wants to hear me complain about my life (and I do frequently, albeit to myself...usually). Anyway, so there's that. Here are some other things I don't like (most of it is superficial):
1) Denver Broncos
3) Dallas Cowboys
4) Los Angeles Lakers
5) Girls who are pretty, beautiful, sexy, cute or hot and starve themselves, thus ending up UGLY (here's lookin' at you Christina Ricci)
6) The Raiders offensive line
7) Elitist bastards who think they know more than everyone else about something, whether it be music, sports, politics, etc.
8) Right…